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    Lonestar Transfer: A Company Earning the Trust of Timeshare Owners


    Lonestar Transfer enjoys a sea of positive reviews that commend their impeccable services. With a proven track record of assisting more than 14,000 timeshare owners, they've built a robust reputation for effectively navigating the complex world of timeshare exits.

    Offering a dual-pronged approach to timeshare cancellation, Lonestar Transfer ensures they've got you covered, no matter your situation. Their loan/mortgage cancellation service targets those still burdened by timeshare debt, working diligently to free you from any financial encumbrances.

    Alternatively, their title transfer service offers a clear path to timeshare liberation by transferring your title to a third party or corporation. Notably, this service necessitates your timeshare to be fully paid off. This approach involves shifting your deed onto a willing corporation, a strategic move that culminates in your timeshare release.

    Lonestar Transfer further establishes its credibility through its impressive media footprint, boasting endorsements from esteemed figures such as Sean Hannity, Mike Gallagher, The Hugh Hewitt Show, and Michael Medved. These high-profile endorsements are usually indicative of a substantial marketing budget and add a layer of trustworthiness to the company, albeit being typically compensated affairs.

    Among the myriad of appealing features Lonestar Transfer brings to the table, their no-obligation, free consultation, and "100% in-writing" guarantee for all their clients are particularly noteworthy. This latter assurance is a testament to their commitment to client satisfaction, promising a complete refund if the timeshare cancellation fails - a pledge that typically speaks volumes about a company's confidence in its services.

    However, despite the predominantly positive reception, some mixed reviews highlight the absence of an escrow payment option at Lonestar Transfer. Escrow payments can often mitigate risks associated with upfront payments, thereby protecting clients against potential loss of funds if a company goes bankrupt. Therefore, the lack of this option could be a concern for some potential clients.

    Lonestar Transfer's commitment to protecting clients extends beyond their services, with an informative "Beware of these Scams" article featured on their website. It underscores their dedication to educate timeshare owners and protect them from potential scams within the industry.

    All things considered, Lonestar Transfer emerges as a commendable choice for anyone seeking to exit their timeshare. With their dual cancellation services, high-profile endorsements, and a money-back guarantee, they've created a reputable standing in the timeshare exit landscape. Their customer-centric approach, while mindful of potential improvements such as offering an escrow payment option, makes them a reliable partner in your quest for timeshare freedom.

    LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM AT: https://lonestartransfer.com